About us


We believe that you want to work with professionals who are listening to you, who receives the messages that you are telling about and can translate this into what you would like to achieve. We believe that you are unique and that your story also is. That you are in a special situation under circumstances that we need to consider. We believe that you master your business, your customers and that you are looking for a way to communicate with them in digital media. We also believe that you are looking for inspiration and energy injections for your digital media.

If you want to put one word to describe the above, it would be experience.

We are fast in understanding you and your needs thanks to our experience from having met similar (but not the same) situations previously. We will help you in illustrating, designing and releasing your new and updated digital communication. This is how we are at Miljonline.


You want to make good business supported by digital media. Good digital support that is appreciated and well used is developed by understanding the customer and how you offer what is expected by the user. You are also looking at managing the customer interaction in a way that maximizes your business. The website speed, features, navigation, interaction, graphical design and texts are to be mastered. You want the user to find you and choose you as first option independent whether they “hang-out” in social media or are actively searching for you via search engines.

What technology is required? What design is attracting? What do we need to consider? What are the 20% parts that should be processed in order to achieve 80% of the effect?

Miljonline believe in agile product development which means to develop, prototype, test, release and evaluate in small, short sprints and to continuously make fine-tuned improvements. Focus on the communication and use most-used, open platforms that give you cost effiency. Start there.

At the same time Miljonline believe in working with the details. Pay respect to user concerns, what is annoying them, and make sure to steadily develop your digital product in order to simplify for the user.

In the development of your business we bring in these experts:

  • Agile management of projects
  • User experience designer (UXD)
  • Digital communicator
  • Engineers, systems architects, back-end and front-end developers
  • Experts in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media
  • Experts in conversions

Time plan

When working with a time plan you pay attention to general business strategy, the resources you count on and the goals that your organization need to achieve. Successful time planning lets active members and third parties you depend on contribute with time estimates and promises to deliver at certain points in time. Time plans need frequent updates and possibly some amendments to mirror new facts and circumstances. The communication of the time plans to participating members and parties is as important as the time plan itself.

Miljonline’s way of working follow these golden work ethics. We believe that we simplify your work, make it more predictable and that you succeed in a better way as well as deliver good results if we stick to time plans and communicate changes well in time.

Each to-do task has a delivery date and time and someone responsible person for doing so. It may be you or it is staff at Miljonline. And the important is that these are clearly defined and communicated. Read more about our way of communicate in the section below.


Digital development is in many aspects very abstract. Abstract thoughts, ideas and technology. There are different parts to consider with distinct natures such as electronic devices, telecommunication, programming code, user interaction and graphical design. The work has to be broken down into smaller tasks and be very well described to be successful in digital media. All members in the working team have to communicate, bring in feedback, align and agree on the work.

Communication is one of the keys for success of Miljonline.


Things happen that affect you and you need to make changes in the priorities of your work as well as update your business plans. We trust each other. Miljonline believe that it is important that have freedom to act as best fits you and that we together view the long term results of the cooperation (even though the short and mid-term goals show the way forward).

The agreements of cooperation that we will establish there will be a clear signal that you choose to work with Miljonline because it will make you successful in your business.