Digital Strategy Services

Miljonline’s offer

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  2. Knowledge and business experience
  3. Punctuality and follow timeplan
  4. Communication and understanding of your requirements
  5. Fair pricing

Digital strategy services

You dominate a traditional industry since long and your brand is well-known. The online dependency has historically not been important and your colleagues stick to old fashioned ways of making business. The competition is going faster online and your target audience is ready for your modern online presence. You need a digital strategy and someone to support your internal and external deployment efforts.

Overview of work

The work of establishing a digital strategy cover the fundamental parts of your business as you see in the overview below.


Miljonline digital strategy process


Miljonline – experience of digital business since 1999

We listen to you and will quickly understand what you would like to achieve thanks to long experience in different roles with small and large companies and organisations. Your situation is unique but we will find solutions that are similar to previous work with digital development. We will illustrate, design, develop and release your improved digital communication together with you. That is Miljonline.

In our work we provide this expertise:

  • Agile project manager
  • User experience designer (UXD)
  • Digital content writer
  • Engineer, systems architect, back-end and front-end developer
  • SEO expert
  • Social media expert
  • Conversion rate optimisation expert (CRO)

Related digital services

To achieve good business results you then need to implement the strategy by organising and filling roles with competences in the different areas according to the outcome of your updated digital strategy.

Miljonline also offer these services:

  • Business intelligence
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketplaces

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, Miljonline will pay you the money back. We will make all efforts we can in order to correct possible dissatisfaction of yours. But if we fail in this you will get your money back for what makes you dissatisfied. This puts our work and what we deliver to you at the edge.

This is the best kind of guarantee that we could think of for you.