Miljonline’s offer

  1. Good results
  2. Knowledge and business experience
  3. Punctuality and follow timeplan
  4. Communication and understanding of your requirements
  5. Fair pricing


About you

We believe that you are good at controlling your business, your customers and that you are looking at ways of effectively communicate with them in digital media. You prefer working with people who are listening to you and who understands what you want to achieve. Your story and situation is unique and require reflection and insightful conclusions that will help your development. We believe that you would like to get inspired and filled with energy and creative ideas supporting your work with digital media. 

Who do you want to work with?

A good way to evaluate and choose provider is to review their previous experience and results. What are the results for a customer with similar products and services? Any company with proven results is likely to have the knowledge, both theoretical and practical, that is needed in order to deliver business advantages for you. 

Miljonline – experience of digital business since 1999

We listen to you and will quickly understand what you would like to achieve thanks to long experience in different roles with small and large companies and organisations. Your situation is unique but we will find solutions that are similar to previous work with digital development. We will illustrate, design, develop and release your improved digital communication together with you. That is Miljonline.

In our work we provide this expertise:

  • Agile project manager
  • User experience designer (UXD)
  • Digital content writer
  • Engineer, systems architect, back-end and front-end developer
  • SEO expert
  • Social media expert
  • Conversion rate optimisation expert (CRO)


“Torbjörn and his team guided Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) to become very successful online by providing unique expertise, experience and creative ways to communicate with people interested in disease information of HIV, cancer and reumatology. BMS’s corporate website has become an industry leader on search engines with lots of relevant top rankings on Google.”

Tina Englund, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“The team that Torbjörn lead made an important contribution to building the company’s multi million dollar fortune by developing high ranking positions for poker related keywords for on local versions of Google, such as, and By ranking better than most competitors, we managed to keep the CPA at very low levels which improved our profitability.”

Oskar Hörnell, Ongame

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing (SEO & SEM)

These SEO services are tailormade for you in the role as responsible for customer acquisition and sales at a company highly dependent of the online channel and where your customers are valued above $100. Our commitment is to make you number one by recommending, guiding and running all necessary activities including onsite content and usability, link building and social media marketing.

E-commerce and Conversions

Are you in a situation with good traffic to the site and feel that you want to increase the user’s experience of your product at the same time as you make more money? Let our hand guide you in implementing technology, tactics and methods in your organisation that gives you continuous understanding of your customer and a steady increase in your sales.

Social media marketing

As part of building trust for your brand you want to connect better with your customers or prospect audience to inspire them and establish an ongoing online conversation. These services are tailormade for your industry where we use a proven efficient method to connect and establish a communication where you will be able to continuously promote your products on your audience’s premises.

Digital Strategy

You dominate a traditional industry since long and your brand is well-known. The online dependency has historically not been important and your colleagues stick to old fashioned ways of making business. The competition is going faster online and your target audience is ready for your modern online presence. You need a digital strategy and someone to support your internal and external deployment efforts.

Digital marketplaces

Markets are places where suppliers meet consumers and the digital channels are outstandingly efficient in matching them together. Digital natives will seldom if ever take a purchase decision without having searched digital media and asked a friend or someone trusted. And in digitally developed countries and markets this is already an established way of acting for any people of any age.

Miljonline is actively developing digital marketplaces in niche markets where there is a gap and prosperous future.