Words from Managing Director, Ugnius Jankauskas

“We are the leading business news in Lithuania experiencing the market changes and digital transformation. The traditional print business will become a minor part and our digital presence match the expectations of our users. With the help that we received we succeeded to take leaps in our digital development. Our company is now working in a better harmony where business owners and stake holders work tightly with the digital development team. The right things are done and they are done in the right way. We see this in increased popularity that outperformes market, our readers come more often and they stay longer with us.”

Ugnius Jankauskas, Managing Director Verslo Zinios

The challenge

  • Business and market slowly move from print to digital media
  • Editorial teams mainly print oriented, little experience of digital publishing
  • Newspaper need to increase profitability
  • Profitability increase need come from digital media
  • Digital transformation has to be boosted
  • Slim IT and digital development organisation
  • Need to optimise the output and outcome of IT with existing resources
  • Co-operation and communication between IT and other teams improve


Digital organisation development

Verslo Zinios is a forward leaning company which understand that by bringing in experience of best practices they will gain months if not years in the digital transformation. This will faster lead to increased digital profitability. A venture was carried out.


Ventures objectives

  • Verslo Zinios take a digital transformation leap
  • Improve productivity in digital development
  • Enhance the business orientation in digital development


Idea – teamwork

  • Business drive the company results
  • IT deliver services to Business
  • Clear ownership of the product
  • Accountability to product owners
  • Tight teamwork and communication between ”business” and ”IT”
  • Organisational clarity & transparency of Business team’s targets
  • Organisational clarity of IT processes & tools



  • Identification of time consuming activities
  • Establish organisation, processes, tools, routines
  • Priority setting of development tasks
  • Business case development
  • Organisation and product ownership